sunsets are unacceptable when you're chasing the light of day

to speak more than you know is to make a fool out of yourself..

i was never the type to want to be part of the social crowd.

i prefer to be part of the watching group, to see who goes crazy first and who gets stoked last..

i am emotionally stable and rational most of the time. but when i am thrown off my equilibrium, i drive people berserk.

i am a human sponge, an adviser and a treasure chest of my friends' secrets, and that makes me an unwanted foe..

i grew up never wanting to be a beauty queen, supermodel, or celebrity..

i was brought up to think that i can never be pretty enough so i have to be smart, or talented or whatever..

i have a pair of hands that can take me to places..

i was a rebellious scholar..

i am an aspiring savant (who isnt?)

i am constantly dreaming of becoming a surgeon..

i eat books for dinner.

pablo neruda is my romeo..

i am alice in haruki murakami's wonderland..

coelho, kundera, joaquin, palahniuk, gaarder. ♥

coffee and books can never go without the other..

feist, ingrid michaelson, sara bareilles, fiona apple, amos and yamagata are my musical heroines.

Id marry jason mraz in this or any other lifetime.

high heeled shoes are my mortal enemies.

i suck at wearing make-up.

i eat my lipstick..

eye shadows end up on the lower lid of my eyes, making me look like a living zombie.

foundation equates to zit eruption..

i am allergic to pain medications hence, i have a heightened pain tolerance.

i am the "Anaphylactic Girl" (histamines overflow in my bloodstream)..

i am eccentric, headstrong, and steadfast.

i hate men who pee anywhere.

do not make me see you wearing a micro-mini skirt and tugging it down to make it reach your knees. that's stupid.